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Bikaner is good base of camel safari as well as for Karni Mata Tempal 30 km from bekaner were thousand of rates are worshipped. Bikaner was founded by Rao Bika in1488 , one of the 14 sons of Rao Jodha , Who founded the city of Jodhpur. Rao Jodha gave his son Rao Bikaner army and asked him to try for his destiny, to avoid a war of string. He founded a city which was an important trading centre and named it Bikaner. Bikaner attracts a lot of tourists .The top attraction is the Junagadh fort which construct in1588 and 1593 by Raja Rai singh . The fort has two entrance gate. The Surajpol and Sun Gate is the main entrance of the fort. Old museum located inside the fort has a rich collection of costumes, textiles belonging to the royal family .Lalgarh Palace about 3km far from the city, built by Raja Ganga Singh in 1881-1942 in memory of his father Maharaja Lal singh, constructed in red sandstone its a combination of Rajput, Mughal and European architecture. These Havelis are decorated with designs and has straggly courtyards .The city's camel breeding farm is only one of its kind in Asia. The Karni Mata temple at Deshnok is famous for its eternal rats residents, rats in hundreds! These rats are moves freely within the temple area. Legend has it that these rats are the reincarnations of the temple narrators. Temple rules states that if someone steps on any of these creatures he has to replace it with a rat made in silver of the same weight!

Hotels in Bikaner - The city offers a wide range of lounge to choose from, Starting from budget non air conditioned hotels to luxurious five star properties. 

How to reach Bikaner- The nearest airport to Bikaner is Jaipur 320 kms away. Indian Railway connects it to the major cities of North India .Bikaner is also served by an excellent road transport system. Taxi and three wheeled auto rickshaws are the main means of internal conveyance.


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