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Varanasi Tour 

The oldest living cities in the world located in Uttar Pradesh state - Varanasi. And unltimate pilgrimage for Hindus.who believe to die in the city to attain salvation. On the bank of ganga. Also known by the name of "Benares", It was called as Kashi in ancient times , the of light since one of the twelve “Jyotirlinga” is satuated here. When in Varanasi the best way to come closer to the city is by taking the mesmerising morning boat ride on the holy river Ganges. This will give you a picture of the early sacred rituals and offerings on Ghats. Enlighten evenings by experiencing Maha Aarti on sacred Ghats of Ganges the view with the floating diyas on river looks wonderful. Some of the main attractions of Varanasi are Durga Temple, Sankat Mochan Temple, Bharat Mata Temple, Benaras Hindu University. Situated just 10Kms from Varanasi is a delightful excursion tour option - Sarnath. This place is of great importance to Buddhist supporters as Lord Buddha had preached his speech after attaining enlightenment here. An impressive collection of artefacts collected from the excavation site of Sarnath, which also includes India's national emblem- the Ashoka Stambh is found at Sarnath Archaeological Museum. The Dhamekh Stupa built by Emperor Ashok in 249 BC and Chaukhandi Stupa built in 5th century AD are known places of this town. Paan - a chewing sweet digestive is a very famous hallmark of this holy city. You will find numerous Paan walas (Pan Sellers) sitting at every corner of streets. This mouth freshener is usually taken after meals especially in east India. When in Varanasi it is a must try. Varanasi Silk products are world renowned. It is said in India that for wedding of a bride two things are essential one is groom and other is Banarsi Silk Saree. 

Hotels in Varanasi: The city offers a choice of wide range of accommodation starting from Budget non Air- conditioned Hotels to the luxury of 5 star deluxe hotels. 

How to reach Varanasi: Varanasi is connected with all major cities in India by rail and cities of North India and East India by excellent road transport system. Taxi and three wheeled auto rickshaws are the main means of transportation in Varanasi. 


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